Friday, November 27th

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INSS 2015

 INSS 2015, Lansing, MI

On April 9-10, a group of 5 CSLN members representing the network attended the third annual Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS) conference at Michigan State University. The group presented their work for the ISEIF project, Smart Grid, Historic Landmarks, & Corner Stores: A Network Approach to Sustainability in Chicago Communities, which emphasized their cultural and value-based approach to Smart Grid education. Designed as a participatory presentation, the CSLN group was able to both present on their individual approaches as well as dialogue with participants about the process. Throughout the discussion, it became clear that conference attendees also found value in the sense of community and collective resources and knowledge that emerge when working collaboratively.

Group members appreciated the opportunity to continue to work together and learn from each other as well as share the CSLN's work with a new audience. Specific highlights from the conference include the diversity and creativity of approaches to social sustainability, connecting with practitioners and academics from Michigan, and a trip to MSU's organic farm with newborn piglets. The group is looking forward to following up with kindred spirits from Detroit and the Lansing area to continue sharing knowledge and building national connections.