Friday, January 22nd

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CSLN Membership


Our Membership Structure

As the CSLN approached its third year, members requested a semi-formal structure to clarify what membership entails. This membership structure is the CSLN's first attempt to organize ways in which people have been engaging in the network. Still fluid and can change in the future, this structure offers the clearest description of how members have engaged with the network so far. The membership benefits and contributions listed are suggestions (not requirements) meant to help shape membership and help guide those who are looking for a more structured way to participate.

There are three membership categories: Core, Ally, and GrassTops.

  • Core members invest the most time in the network and receive the most benefits.

  • Ally members are involved in similar types of activities and receive similar benefits as core members; however, their less frequent involvement results in fewer benefits.

  • GrassTops members represent larger institutional interests. They may attend meetings and stay up to date about and support network activities but are primarily interested in collaborating with the network as an institutional partner.

Everyone who identifies as a CSLN member is encouraged to declare their membership. There is no membership fee at this time. Instead, members contribute their time and talent and receive benefits in the following broad categories: tangible communication and networking, the people, partnerships and collaboration, growth and education, and collective voice/in-between space. See the full membership packet for details and examples about how members have previously engaged in those categories.


How to Declare Membership

1. Download the CSLN membership document.

2. Fill out the "CSLN Membership Declaration" form, and save the changes you made to the document.

3. Email your completed form (with a bio picture if not already attached on the form) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..