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About CSLN

 Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN)      

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  • We promote an inclusive, justice-focused approach to sustainability that includes robust civic engagement, environmental health, human well-being, and community vitality for present and future generations.
  • We value the diversity of Chicago's communities and build upon sustainable practices embedded in different cultures, honoring and learning from the past to adapt for the future.
  • We understand that change happens at many scales—individual, community, and government—and every action fits together within interconnected global systems.



  • We are a diverse, intergenerational group engaged in sustainability initiatives across all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.
  • We are passionate about creating positive change and strengthening communities in sustainable ways.
  • We work on a wide variety of community issues using many different approaches.
  • We are open and willing to share resources and information, learn from one another, and collaborate to build momentum for lasting change.


  • We connect and share resources to strengthen our work, broaden our perspectives, and expand our creativity.
  • We build a stronger collective voice to maximize the impact of community-based wisdom on our own work and public policy.
  • We nurture the space in-between community-driven initiatives and regional/municipal plans.


  • We spend time getting to know each other, respect each others’ voices, and support each other’s work.
  • We share, learn, and work together at different locations throughout Chicago to appreciate first-hand the diversity that this city offers.





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