Friday, November 27th

Last updateThu, 30 Jan 2020 10am

Phase III

Project Concept for Accelerate 77: Phase III

Goal:  Build on previous project phases of Accelerate 77 and ICA’s expertise in participatory facilitation and leadership development to design a framework that will allow for maximum impact on community sustainability and resiliency in Chicago neighborhoods.

Objective: Encourage and support grassroots initiatives that, in a bottom-up fashion, will work to shape a strong collective voice for community-level sustainability initiatives, accelerate existing efforts through increased collaboration and make impact city-wide

1.   Create a Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network that facilitates increased collaboration and develops a collective voice around key sustainability issues in Chicago; provides an opportunity to share knowledge, inspire new thinking across disciplines and best sustainable practices; and, engages leaders in a shared vision and tangible goals through a full-spectrum lens of community resiliency.

2.  Collaborate in the implementation of Community-Led Sustainability Roadmap pilot. With an emphasis on action, ICA will engage residents in identifying best practices and effective solutions to accomplish community-wide sustainability. This process, which can be replicated in other Chicago communities, will occur through an ongoing mix of participatory planning, coordinated action, and collective reflection to garner lessons learned.

3.  Expand and refine the Accelerate 77 website to cultivate the Sustainability Resources Database organized by geography and topic and disseminate information to Chicago neighborhood communities.  The Accelerate 77 website will assist in meeting the needs of local community organizations and leaders in sustainability seeking partnerships and resources.

4.   Engage a diverse base of community leaders (not limited to those participating in the CSLN) in facilitation and community engagement skills training through workshops, regional forums and Sustainable “U” days.   Areas of emphasis include intergenerational participation and learning and a full-spectrum approach to sustainability such as, environmental, economic, and social justice challenges in local communities.  


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